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We take a look at what the change to QFS will meen for all of us and the personal questions you have in that matter

The Last News About QFS - Quantum Financial System


At this event, you will learn everything that has happened in the last year, at the same time as we go through the future plans we envisage for the next six months.


The next-generation blockchain-driven mobile banking with 3D FacialRecognition Security.

Bullion Exchange Bank (BEB) mission is to bridge the gap between digital gold-backed currency and fiat currencies by providing a decentralized, FSC-BEB, Q Phone mobile banking solution that is easy to use, accessible, and nondiscriminatory inclusive of all demographics.

The Bullion Exchange Bank enables the mass adoption of digital gold back currencies just as easily as using fiat currencies.

We achieve this by providing seamless exchange between crypto and fiat, by providing quick enrollment, safe, compliant onboarding, and easy-to-use features on our banking platform with the same traditional banking services people are used to.

Soon, the Bullion Exchange Bank Visa® card will make it easy to access your money anywhere!

You can be a part of it, join us – it’s your moment!

Q Cloud Optical Servers:

Optical computers and servers perform computations and instruction sets by using photons rather than electrons. A "pure" optical computer works pretty much like its electron counterpart except the input is light, the computations are light, and the output is light.

Optical computers use light-stream pulses rather than voltage. There is no conversion from binary to optical which means fantastic speeds.

Q Cloud 3D Smart Phone:

The device works like a cell phone but will be capable of non-cellular reception such as UHF and VHF broadcasts as well as acting as a node on a light-stream network. As a light-stream client, it will be capable of receiving data and information many times faster than cellular or internet protocols.

This increase in speed, coupled with other technologies including the AI and the Library, will make its 'virtual assistant super-fast and super smart. The Q Phone will connect to Bullion Exchange Bank transactions in its light-stream mode which will utilize 'Picture Streaming Protocol’.

One important goal for this device will be to replace ATMs and paper currency. It will also, given its ability to receive UHF and VHF be a de facto television. It is intended, through its connectivity to our cloud servers to serve as the interface to and replacement of television, computers, games, and internet-of-things control.

Any 2D movie/video/photo converted into 3D instantly

Support with latest 3D new mafdterials as well as new process to output the ever best and comfortable, sharp and clear, with best clarity glasses-free 3D images. Online/offline 3D platform with numerous 3D content, 3D movie, video, game, VR, photos, entertainment programs for endless fun and joy.

Advanced Security


Bullion Exchange Bank, to be launched in Q4 2021 will offer a next-generation trading solution for digital gold-backed currencies and Tokens. The exchange will support all Gold-backed major currencies. The exchange will offer high liquidity, a transparent order book, and low fees, Furthermore, to provide utility for our Q Cloud Tokens. The trading of all pairs including our Tokens will be free. This way it will be more cost-efficient to buy Q Cloud Tokens rather than buying directly.

Bullion Exchange Bank’s digital and transparent services are not only attractive for the banked population, but they can also deliver financial inclusion solutions to the 2.5 billion unbanked and 1 billion underbanked globally, thereby creating a unique cross-border platform to serve everyone, everywhere.

Cross-Border Interbank Payment System(CIPS)


Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Private Network

QFS 3D Smart Phone

Gold Backed Digital Technology

Bullion Exchange Bank

Financial Services Company


Lightning Speed

When you want to send, spend, or receive money, nobody likes to wait. High-performance Q Cloud Intelligent Networks technology is necessary for gold-backed digital currency technology to provide a viable alternative to existing binary financial platforms. Therefore, we have secured a partnership with the fastest Photonic Network in the world.

Q Cloud is designed from the ground up to process up to 10 Trillion transactions every second. Trillions of times faster than all the other binary financial solutions combined.

“He who controls the fastest network controls the world’s money supply.”

-- Chief Scientist, Q Cloud Intelligent Networks

Real Time Settlements

Treat cross border payments as local ACH payment

Connect to ACH hubs in all the available regions

Save fees by sending payments using ACH

Real time regional matching between forex balance and

payment transactions

Real time fastest route calculation to deal with cross

border transactions

1000x faster cross border payments

SEPA integrated


Geir Amdal

    Mars 21, 2022

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